About Us


Mission Statement 

The mission of Syndicus Defense Corp is to provide the American people with the highest quality defense products, ensuring the safety and protection of our civilians, law enforcement, and military. We are committed to manufacturing American-made products in Orange County, California, and our dedication to precision and meticulous quality control is upheld by our team of skilled engineers.

Our mission extends beyond manufacturing, as we strive to lead in innovation by developing the next generation of weapons and exploring cutting-edge cerakoting. We empower our engineers to design custom weaponry tailored to the specific needs of the American people. Collaboration with our training group and instructors allows us to thoroughly test these weapons in practical applications, ensuring their effectiveness and reliability.

Furthermore, Syndicus Defense Corp aims to be at the forefront of future Aerospace and drone technology. By combining artificial intelligence with practical experience, we create life-saving technologies that contribute to the security and well-being of the American people.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the American people with the quality and reliability they deserve. As a company founded on the values this country holds dear, we are dedicated to upholding those principles and serving our nation with unwavering commitment.


Andrew Garcia CEO and Co-Founder 

My name is Andrew Garcia, and I am the CEO of Syndicus Defense Corp. As a 33-year-old law enforcement professional and entrepreneur from Los Angeles County, I have combined my passion for public safety with my drive for business to lead this company to new heights.

My educational journey began at Worcester State University, where I became the first person in my family to earn an undergraduate degree. I majored in Criminology, and to broaden my horizons, I pursued a minor in Spanish for the Professions. Recognizing the growing intersection of technology and law enforcement, I furthered my education by applying for my Masters program in Cybercrime from Boston University, positioning myself at the forefront of this evolving field.

With a decade of experience in law enforcement, I have served in various roles, including jail operations, patrol, and training. Recently, I was promoted to the position of detective, which allows me to utilize both my academic and practical skills to make a difference in my community. In parallel with my law enforcement career, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by founding Syndicus Defense Corp.

Over the past four years, Syndicus Defense Corp has established itself as a leading manufacturer of American-made weaponry. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and strive to set a new standard in public safety. Our products are meticulously designed and manufactured here in the United States, specifically in Orange County, California.

But we don't stop at manufacturing. Syndicus Defense Corp also conducts advanced tactical training, ensuring that our products are tested and proven effective in practical applications. Our dedication to innovation is exemplified by our AI-powered UAS drone, which has revolutionized public safety. We are proud to have established the first training facility dedicated to UAS drone training for public safety, highlighting our pioneering approach.

My dual career paths in law enforcement and entrepreneurship have allowed me to bring a unique perspective to both sectors. By combining my knowledge and experience, I strive to create a synergy that benefits not only my community but also the American people as a whole.

At Syndicus Defense Corp, our goal is to provide the American people with the best selection of firearms as they exercise their right to bear arms. We are committed to manufacturing high-quality firearms right here in the United States, in the state of California. We appreciate the support of our Syndicus Army, and we remain dedicated to challenging the status quo, staying true to our word, and always delivering on our promise of excellence.